Note: This is an entry I wrote for my Kellogg Student Diary, which was a student life blog I kept as a student at Northwestern. Now that I’ve graduated, I’m copying my entries to my personal blog to preserve my writings. You can read all of the entries by viewing the category Kellogg Student Diaries.

Among the many Kellogg-isms that become part of the student lingo, there is one that every first-year student can relate very well: FOMO – the fear of missing out.

We’re only here for two years and as the thrill of CIM ended, every student was in a mad rush to get involved with … well … everything – first year director positions at industry-related club, elected offices, community initiatives and anything else you can imagine.

And with so many people applying for everything there are bound to be some rejections too. Unfortunately, I lost the election to become the MMM Class of 2011’s academic rep, and even though I thought I’d be a great design club officer, their leadership team didn’t agree.

Right then, a panic set in and I momentarily thought my Kellogg career was forever ruined.

Of course the fact that I’m telling you about this means that this is simply not true. I can’t even begin to describe the number of great opportunities available at Kellogg. Even though a few didn’t work out for me, I did get involved in a number of different ways. As my first quarter at Kellogg ends, I find myself trying to juggle being a first-year director for the high-tech club, a tutor in the Chicago Communities in Schools program, a pro-bono consultant in the Educational Consulting Initiative, a KWEST (1st year student trip) trip leader and a student diary writer for the admissions committee (I’m guess you already knew about the last one).

My advice: No matter what your interests and your goals are, you’ll have ample opportunities to pursue them at Kellogg. Trust me.

It’s been something of an adjustment trying to handle school and so many activities, but it’ll only get more interesting as we add another layer to the mix – recruiting for a summer internship during the winter quarter. Before that happens, however, I have three weeks of vacation to relax and see friends and family. I’ll also get to enjoy another great Kellogg tradition: the Kellogg Ski Trip to Vail, Colorado.

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