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You really have no idea where the puck is going to be, so stop trying to skate there

hockey-strideSince Round 1 of the NHL playoffs are well underway this seemed like the most appropriate thing to talk about.

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

There’s no doubt that most people reading this have heard this quote in some sort of business context at some point, and I’m guessing the person repeating it really thought he/she was blowing your mind with insight when he/she said it. But honestly, I’m not sure if there’s a quote I hate more when it comes to corporate world. Read the rest of this entry →


04 2016

It was about a year ago

esktop Refresh St. Louis kicked off on 6/6/05, the first Monday in June, 2005. That was exactly 364 days ago.

For those that don’t know, desktop refresh basically amounted to me living on the seventh floor of the Bevo building (the giant Budweiser building in St. Louis). I think I even spent a night there once because I was there so late and I had to meet up with Andrea the next day.

Anyways, one day as I Andrea and I were sitting up there we were just talking in general and she asked me what my dream job was. I told her I’d love to have a job working with audio equipment.

Lo and behold, a year later, look at what I’m doing.

I have a lot of great memories from St. Louis. Very few of them occured in June or August of 2005.


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