Bart Scott’s Keepin’ it Real

Edit: My friend Ben sent me the extended cut of the Bart Scott interview, so I’ve changed the youtube video below.

It was an exciting weekend, and I got to watch it in northern Wisconsin with 3 college friends (more on that later), but it also marked the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, where the Super Bowl suddenly becomes a very real possibility for 4 teams.

I’m pretty pumped that the NFC championship game will feature a HUGE rivalry being played out for only the 2nd time in the playoffs (Bears vs Packers) while in the AFC, the Jets could go to the Super Bowl for the first time since Namath upset the Baltimore Colts.

Anyways, I found this awesome clip of Bart Scott after the Jets-Patriots game last night and it’s strangely real — no talk of “playing 60 minutes”, or “any given sunday” or “giving 110%”. It’s an awesome interview. (And for the record most people who know me know that I’m not by any means a fan of Bart Scott).

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