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Note: This is an entry I wrote for my Kellogg Student Diary, which was a student life blog I kept as a student at Northwestern. Now that I’ve graduated, I’m copying my entries to my personal blog to preserve my writings. You can read all of the entries by viewing the category Kellogg Student Diaries.

This quarter I’m enrolled in the NUventions Medical Innovations program at Kellogg, and it’s definitely been one of my most unique (and rewarding) experiences here. The program brings together groups of nine students – two MBA students, two law students, two engineering student and three medical students – to work together to develop a new product to address a real medical need.

For the past three Wednesdays, I’ve been up at the crack of dawn to meet a few of my fellow medical students in downtown Chicago at Northwestern Memorial Hospital to shadow them and observe doctors on the job.

When I meet with my group, the amount of brain power and energy in the room is really amazing. We really know little to nothing about each other, and share very little in common in terms of academic background. The one thing everybody has in common, though, is that we’re all very motivated and open to learning from each other.

Over the course of two quarters, the scope of our project is to identify a clinical need, develop a product to address that need, apply for patents to go to market, incorporate ourselves, write a business plan, and eventually pitch our company to get external financing.

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